About Us is actually about… YOU. We're able to do what we love because you support us, and we’ll move mountains to keep it that way. (Some of us are delicate flowers and can’t move mountains but they’re awesome in every other way)

We’re a fun loving, energetic bunch who loves putting smiles on people’s faces every day. It starts from the team we work with, people we meet on the street, to customers we interact with each and every day.

We believe in keeping things simple, clear, and ethical at all times. You can expect care and honesty when you purchase from us. We focus on the products and services that we believe in — products that we personally like to use, desire, or would recommend to our friends and family.

Embark on an exciting journey of fashion and style that will make you glow. We have the latest collections of high quality items that magnify who you are uniquely! 

Working closely with artisans to design unique hand-made pieces, Offer Swipe marries vintage inspiration to create high-quality, versatile items that tell a story. Each collection offers and array of trendy accessories that are sure to draw attention and radiate your personality. Choose from our selections in Steampunk, Bikers Life, Trendy Sunglasses, Bags, Rings, Bracelets and more. 

What we’re all about:
We love our family
We love our friends
We love offering awesome products to family and friends, that includes YOU
We love our jobs (If we can call it that)
We love what we’re about


Offerswipe.com Team